Friday, November 13, 2015

Their heads are too big!

So there's a stretchable neck strap on the Kids' Four Corners Apron -- kind of like a scrunchy -- on the Kids' Four Corners Apron. It has to be that way if you are going to have a single neck strap that circles around their neck and does not tie in the back with a knot. And why? Apparently, little kids' heads are so disproportionate to their bodies that if you don't make it stretchable, by the time you get it over their heads, the apron hangs down to low. It's not that way with adults! Does that mean kids are smarter than us  - Probably!!

Anyway, new epattern available for Kids' Four Corners Apron - vhE137. 

P137 for the hard copy; vhE137 for the epattern version!
Dick and Jane Fabric!

Non-directional prints are the easier to use than directional prints when making a Four Corners Apron!

This is what Four Corners looks like when it is laid flat!

Binkie Bibs has also been added as an epattern - vhE206. And note - it's actually a binkie holder more than a bib!

Binkie Bibs - P206 for the hard copy; vhE206 for the epattern version!

The Doggie version!

The Fox version!

Yeah, Binkies!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Bed Runner!

So trying to decorate a new bedroom, I was not up to doing a whole bed cover. But I did want to add some color on what was basically a neutral backdrop! So, this bed runner yielded itself, using the turquoise to match the bed skirt. Eventually, tune into a wall art piece that will match also!