Thursday, May 28, 2015

Four Corners available as an Epattern!

We now have 12 patterns available online as Epatterns. 'Four Corners' is one of our more popular patterns that is on the website!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Another Really, Really Big Bag!

Here's another Really, Really Big Bag in different fabric. I like this one too!

This bags are so great to carry all my 'junk' around!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Basket Liners!

Sew, "Basket Liners" is the fourth of my new spring releases. So here's the deal -- you can line any basket or container that is a square of rectangle. There is a formula in the pattern to assist you in deciding how big to make the liner for your basket and how much fabric to buy. It is super easy! And I am loving the way it makes a basket look. The white basket is actually a plastic tote from Dollar Tree (it cost a dollar!!!lol) -- but the liner makes it look awesome. What a great way to coordinate baskets with your home decor.

Basket Liners - P213

Great features: the pattern comes with an Epattern version --- and both versions have a online video overview -- address inside the pattern. So go coordinate!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Colorful Cook! -- a new spring apron!

I decided to try another apron and satisfied with the results. The style is easy-to-make but I think the greatest feature is the bright, solid-colored fabrics with less-than-obvious color combinations!

Available as a traditional paper pattern OR Epattern. And an online video overview available -- address is within the pattern.

Friday, May 8, 2015

I am not at Quilt Market right now!

Just to note that I am not at Quilt Market right now  -- even though it started today. First Spring Market I have missed in many years! Market, at least for me, is not giving me the access to customers it once use to. Sad, but things change -- it's okay -- I miss it but it's okay! I will probably attend when it is local in Portland. And we just noticed Quilt Market is in SLC Spring 2016. We will probably go though probably not exhibit again.
To find out what I did instead of Quilt Market   ---- stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The next new pattern - Beat the Heat! oven mitts!

Still not sure why so many people make oven mitts --- probably to have them in the great foody fabrics that are available. I'm lovin' the foody fabric! Check out the olive fabric below. Awesome!

Out of all my oven mitts, this has to be the easiest one to make and second in line for the handiest one (Pot Pinchers P156 takes first place in handiest!). But Beat the Heat is quite the perfect oven mitt. And I have designed quite a few oven mitts [just counted -- fifteen others!]  Makes up really fast  -- though I find putting the trim around the opening a little more involved but the rest literally goes by in a heart beat.

Traditional Paper Pattern OR Epattern!

Friday, May 1, 2015

New Spring Patterns - Paper or Epattern!

We finally have our Spring 2015 patterns ready for the world to see!! Yeah! It's always a lot of work getting to this point and always a little nerve-racking -- always asking myself, " are they actually, finally, really  -- ready?. Took so long to get them done! 

So the first one to show is called, "The Really, Really Big Bag". It is really a huge bag, that holds everything from A to Z. I personally love it! When I have a lot of stuff, like a purse, a camera, a laptop, a coat, etc. -- I use this bag to collect everything in one spot and carrying it altogether. It really works great.........

A traditional paper pattern OR now available as an Epattern!
There are longer straps to carrying the bag on your shoulder OR shorter handles to carrying by hand.
There is a zipper pocket on the inside to carry things like your wallet that you might want more secure. And there is a scrunchy type band to help keep everything inside.  

Rather easy to make. You could make it in an evening. You could leave out the zipper pocket and it would go faster but the zipper pocket is awesome, so you wouldn't want to leave it out!! 

One of the reason they take so long to get written, I have online video overviews and/or tutorials that accompany the pattern. Lot more work on our part but much better for you.

And the Biggest News of all, it is available as a traditional paper pattern OR as an Epattern you can download from the website. Jacob is the site master and has a dozen Epatterns (I think a dozen so far) ready to go.