Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Be Totally Centered!

Along with recently launching Six Corners Apron, we also designed and published Totally Centered Apron. Inspired by a desire to have a hidden pocket, we spent a bit of time designing a panel centered down the front of a typical Four Corners style apron with an area where a single pocket could be accessed by either hand. I did love figuring out how to create this one. Though you have to follow instructions carefully, the pattern turned out relatively simple. 

These first two versions shown here are Bonnie and Camille fabrics! Totally Center is fully lined with double-folded waist ties and neck strap -- totally quality made.

Notice the the pocket area can be accessed by either hand. 

Sew if you are wondering what the eleven Four Corners aprons are, here's the order:
Four Corners (the original)
Kid's Four Corners (for kids 18 months to 8 years)
Delicious Four Corners (uses jelly rolls)
His Apron (for guys)
There by Three (a blocked apron front)
Not Just for Christmas ( a Christmas version with sliding waist/neck ties)
Boho Four Corners (a bohemian version with a scooped neckline)
Cookies n' Cream (with scalloped edges)

Six Corners (a six corner version)
Santa Four Corners (a Santa version)
Totally Centered (a centered panel down the front with a hidden pocket).

Thanks everyone for following the Four Corners journey!

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