Thursday, April 11, 2019

Re-inventing the Apron!

Vanilla House has re-invented the apron with our newest pattern launch of Six Corners Apron. With it's curious design, you make it with two right angled panels overlapping each other creating a split-angled bottom edge. The two panels mirror each other in every way except using coordinating fabrics. 

Not only is it trendy with it's split-angled bottom edge, it is very stylish and flattering with it's A-line shape.

So count the corners:

It is a great project for two fabulous pieces of fabric.

Here's the terminology of the apron:

Learn how to 'bird wing' corners, a technique that is very important on pointed corners like corners 1, 2, 5, and 6. 
Designer’s Tip: "Whenever you are turning a two-layer arrangement right side out, you need to clip the corners before turning to reduce bulky corners. You can clip straight across but I like another version called ‘bird winging’ the corners. Note the enlargement -- “Do you see the bird wing shape?” Be careful to NOT clip the seam."

Own Six Corners Apron pattern by sewing and learning and loving the art of apron making today!

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