Thursday, February 27, 2014

Stretching and Sewing Elastic!

Here's a few pics that might help understand the stretching of elastic and sewing it in at the same time. This technique is used in patterns like P162 T-shirt Transitions and P163 Onzie Conversions.

First, start out by center aligning the piece of elastic on the spot of the fabric you want the elastic. Put a pin in the center of the elastic.
Now place the fabric and elastic in your machine, with one end of the elastic at the feed dogs when stretched to most of its maximum stretch. Go ahead and anchor the end of the elastic with a few stitches.  
 You can now let go of the 'stretch' for a moment. You can see how much gather the fabric is going to happen.  
Arrange your hands again to stretch the elastic until the fabric is flat (no gathering). 
With the zig zag stitch, continue sewing the elastic until you get to the pin.

You can let go of that first half of the elastic. Pull the pin out.
From the center spot of the elastic to the end of the elastic, stretch the elastic again to most of its maximum stretch. Continue the zig zag sewing until you get to the end of the elastic. Then you can let go and your elastic should be sewn in proportionately.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Surviving winter in my VH studio!

So last week, we had a large snow storm. The Portland area was shut down -- I didn't leave the house for four days. But I did have this amaryllis plant given to me by a friend for Christmas that has made winter a little more palatable. Check out the progress of the bloom over the last few weeks.

First, here's our snow storm -- eight inches!

First the bulb -- a second one coming later!

Starting to open!

About five blossoms came out from the one  bud -- at least until Lowell knock the plant across the room and then there were four!

Not too bad of shape - considering its accident. Beautiful blooms that brought great cheer! And I still have another bud to bloom later! Great Winter Flower for the studio!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A nice treat today!

We have had a very snowed-in experience the last week here in Oregon, so it was a nice treat to get something unexpected in the mail today  -- from Moda Fabrics. Looks at these great prints  - from 3 Sisters, French General, and MoMO. I haven't unrolled them yet because I thought the rolls were so great looking. In another post, I will spread them out for a pic!

Can't wait to play!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Diva Babies Market!

Here's our booth in Salt Lake City. This was my Fabric Bling market (including my first solo School House presentation). My sister Ann and I drove there from Oregon. She did her booth and I did mine alone this Market, except for my cousin, Leah, who helped a few days. Thank goodness, because my biggest fear happened  - I got sick during the show. I got so dizzy, I actually went and laid down awhile behind a neighboring booth's drape!

Diva Babies (P181) was the big hit at this Market!

These are the last girls dresses I have made. I probably won't do a lot more girls dresses. Leaving that to so many others these days!