Monday, April 28, 2014


You might ask why the name of Sugar'n'Spice? I had a beautiful doll (probably 18" but not an American Girl doll) when I was a kid. I thought she was so beautiful, with long auburn hair. I named her Spice! The name is in the memory of my own childhood doll!
So more pics of these cute doll outfits. 
I am picky about my fabric choices. I do like the juvenile prints for doll clothes -- sometimes! I also like to use more mature prints too. Just make sure the scale is small! Though as I mention that, the strip on the skirt is a rather large scale. But it works - infact, this outfit is the favorite of many. Though probably because of the colors -- citron and grey. Again, not often seen it doll clothes -- but doesn't it look great!

P208 -- Top and Skirt; Top and Leggings; and Tunic, Skirt and Leggings!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Binkie Bibs! Oh, my!

The last of our spring releases (probably!)  -- adorable Binkie Bibs! (P206).

The pattern has a fox, a doggie (some think it looks like a mouse), and the elephant! The cover photo is my gdau -- only took about 20 shots - and thankfully, one made it to the cover -- this isn't the cover shot but she sure is cute!

She never took a binkie before this photo shoot -- she now always wants her binkie -- thanks, gma!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Kimono Bibs!

Another very addictive project for a spring release pattern -- Kimono Bibs! 

As I have stated before, I do not always put juvenile print fabric on kids stuff. I think kids look great in sophisticated prints -- as long as the scale is right.  Try this Kimono Bib  (P207) version.

Sweet -- very sweet!

Not that we can't make juvenile prints look delicious!! This version of Kimono Bibs is for baby boys!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sew Im-pressed!

For a long time, I have been using custom pressing boards in my sewing studio. A large pressing board sits next to my machine and I just reach over to iron something. I use smaller pressing boards when I make things like doll clothes or hem a pair of pants. They are indispensable. I like having them covered in pretty prints -- why not?!!
So our new pattern, "Sew Im-pressed" is based on this concept (P209). And I added a handle on the top so you can take the board to your sewing class, group, or even your cruise. So why not include a pocket on the back side also so you can carry your grid rulers also -- which are always so difficult to tote along, much less so breakable. It all works so perfect!!

This is Art Gallery's Bonnie Christine's spring line, "Sweet as Honey". Isn't it pretty?!!

I have already made 21 of these boards -- it's insane -- I can't quite! I need a pressing board addiction recovery group! I know you are thinking this is crazy -- but make one -- and see how easy it is to get hooked. Before you know it, you will be making one for everyone you know! in every size imaginable!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Artsy Purse - Very Addictive!

Patterns this spring are very addictive to make (at least five of the six -- I won't tell you which one I am not that interested in making over and over!) But truly, I love making the Artsy Purse (P204), especially metallic thread embellishment! I could do this all day -- trying all the different thread colors!

This is the brown batik version. The purses look exceptionally good in batiks and metallic threads. I chose brown batiks so I could use my gold metallics. Notice all the beading. 

I think I made about seven of these purses -- so far -- plan on making more. Stay tuned for the cover purse, which is in aqua/turquoise - yum!!

All of our new patterns will be available around the middle of May! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Food, Fabric, and Gifting -- It Can't Get Better!

So what is better than Fabric and Food and Gifts! NOTHING! So mix them together and you have our new pattern called Gift Mixes (P205). 
I made tons of these little bags. So many options - so many recipes! Thousands of combinations - well, ultimately!

So here's the deal: make the fabric bag of your choice, decide what mix you want to use. There are three 'make-a-mix' recipes in the pattern with accompanied bag topper and/or card. And seven more 'make-a-mix' recipes with accompanied bag topper and/or card  -- you can find them online with the address that is in the pattern. (Even the mixes in the hard copy pattern have the bag topper and/or card online - so you can print them on card stock on a home printer!). The bag topper and/or card has the instructions for your recipient to make the mix into goodies!

These are the three 'make-a-mixes' that are in the pattern. Btw, it is my "Killer Chocolate Chip Cookie" recipe. Really good!
Stay tuned for the other 'make-a-mix' titles. And another pic soon -- of some very cool fabric I found for chocolate chips cookies and ........ my favorite gift bag of all!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

They are coming!

I haven't posted much lately because of the intense prep for Market releases. Well, after spending two days of photography, I can't wait to start posting some of the upcoming pattern projects. 

Let's start with Sugar'n'Spice, P208, doll clothes for the 18" doll (typically, the American Girl doll).
LOVE these outfits! I made a dozen outfits and could easily find my self making a dozen more. Easy, and fun, and they look fab! So here's three of the outfits. Next post, I will add some more, and finally we will get to the cover shots!

It is so much easier photography these babies instead of live ones! Especially, the blonde! She is always looking into the camera. I can't seem to ever get the brunette looking into the camera -- not sure where she is looking?