Monday, June 24, 2013

Quilt Market went well!

We loved being at Quilt Market 2013 in Portland, Oregon. Our booth was 1136, a great location on the trade show floor.

Booth 1136 in Portland, Oregon International Quilt Market 2013!

Pan Handlers (P202) -- don't you love the name! They are selling very well!

Pan Handlers! (Oven Mitts)

Our Sewing Shrooms (P197) were a big hit! Who wouldn't love them!

Sewing Shrooms! (Pin Cushion Sit-abouts!)

We introduced seven patterns at Market and they are doing great! Thank goodness for the best customers in the world! I think Pocket Long Stockings and Criss Cross Apron & other gifts are doing the best. We'll post pics next time! Cheers, Barbara of Vanilla House des

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  1. Every time someone comes over for dinner, they compliment how cute my pot holders are! I love them, they are so cute and easy to use! I am absolutely in love with the mushroom craze right now, and your sewing shrooms is no exception!