Friday, July 26, 2013

Spray Paint Queen!

If I could squeeze in another business, it would be recycling furniture. This chair came from Goodwill for $10.00, with hideous brown lacquer and a gross seat covering. 

Blue spray paint and some Amy Butler fabric - looks great!

Technique for turning "horrible looking to amazing" with spray paint:
  1.  Remove seat from the chair frame.
  2. Rough up the existing paint with fine steel wool.
  3. Clean the steel wool dust off the chair frame with a cloth soaked with rubbing alcohol.
  4. Using a can of spray paint, lightly spray four to six coats of paint on the frame, no individual coat of paint very heavy, but a build up of color (allow to dry between coats).
  5. If you want, use steel wool and the cloth with rubbing alcohol between each coat of paint for a super professional look.
Technique for recovering seat cushions: 
  1. Take off (rip) the old fabric off the cushion and remove old staples from the board.
  2. Use the old fabric as a template to cut a new piece of fabric.
  3. Put the new fabric on the floor, wrong side up.
  4. Set the foam rubber, wrong side up (amend the foam rubber if needed) on top of the fabric  -  center it.
  5. Align the board on top of the foam rubber.
  6.  Have someone stand on the board to compress the foam rubber. Meanwhile, you take an industrial stapler to staple the allowances of the fabric on to the back of the board. Start in the center of the sides and work out to the corners, tugging the fabric taut as you staple. Use lots of staples.
  7.  Get off the board and see the foam rubber expand to fill out the cushion and look great.
  8. Screw the seat cushion back onto the chair.
  9. Wala!

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