Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pretty in Bibs Photo Shoot (It's a lot harder than it looks!)

More of our experience shooting an 18-month-old. With hundreds of shots, you would think we would get a cover shot by accident but we only got a few!

Beautiful smile and pose, but you can't see the bib!

Cute expression but you still can't see the bib!

Now you see the bib, but she's on the move!

Still on the move!

Let's try bribing her with crackers!

But now she's chewing!

"More crackers, please!"

Let's try sign language for more crackers!

"Are you kidding me?!" 
There's a great smile, but we can't see the bib!
"I'm getting tired of this!"  
"Really tired of this!"
"Okay, I will smile, if you give me more crackers!"

 And it goes on and on .... round and round!!!!!


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