Thursday, April 10, 2014

Food, Fabric, and Gifting -- It Can't Get Better!

So what is better than Fabric and Food and Gifts! NOTHING! So mix them together and you have our new pattern called Gift Mixes (P205). 
I made tons of these little bags. So many options - so many recipes! Thousands of combinations - well, ultimately!

So here's the deal: make the fabric bag of your choice, decide what mix you want to use. There are three 'make-a-mix' recipes in the pattern with accompanied bag topper and/or card. And seven more 'make-a-mix' recipes with accompanied bag topper and/or card  -- you can find them online with the address that is in the pattern. (Even the mixes in the hard copy pattern have the bag topper and/or card online - so you can print them on card stock on a home printer!). The bag topper and/or card has the instructions for your recipient to make the mix into goodies!

These are the three 'make-a-mixes' that are in the pattern. Btw, it is my "Killer Chocolate Chip Cookie" recipe. Really good!
Stay tuned for the other 'make-a-mix' titles. And another pic soon -- of some very cool fabric I found for chocolate chips cookies and ........ my favorite gift bag of all!

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