Monday, April 28, 2014


You might ask why the name of Sugar'n'Spice? I had a beautiful doll (probably 18" but not an American Girl doll) when I was a kid. I thought she was so beautiful, with long auburn hair. I named her Spice! The name is in the memory of my own childhood doll!
So more pics of these cute doll outfits. 
I am picky about my fabric choices. I do like the juvenile prints for doll clothes -- sometimes! I also like to use more mature prints too. Just make sure the scale is small! Though as I mention that, the strip on the skirt is a rather large scale. But it works - infact, this outfit is the favorite of many. Though probably because of the colors -- citron and grey. Again, not often seen it doll clothes -- but doesn't it look great!

P208 -- Top and Skirt; Top and Leggings; and Tunic, Skirt and Leggings!

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