Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cutting up with scissors and rotary cutters!

The only scissors I will use are Elan 8" Dressmaker with Florine made by United Notions. They have a slight serrated edge, so they grip the fabric -- right up to the tip of the scissors. Since they have a serrated edge, they can't be sharpened but they do last a long time. After that, the price point should be under $20 so just go get another pair every few years.
I also use the smaller 28mm Olfa rotary cutters. I have tried tons of different rotary cutters, but I always come back to these simple and plain Olfa's. Why complicate things when they don't need to be?! I also use these cutters to rip out seams -- though I hesitate to say this because it takes great skill to not cut the fabric. Be careful if you do this!
Elan 8" Scissors by United Notions and Olfa 28mm Rotary Cutter

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