Thursday, October 23, 2014

The most popular gift!

A number years ago, meeting with a local quilt shop owner, was advised to make an oven mitt pattern. Wondering who in the world makes oven mitts, she informed me that the most popular pattern ever (at that time) was an oven mitt pattern. I had been making soft sculpture patterns for years, and my first thought was "I have been working too hard"!! So off to make my first oven mitt pattern. And hey, guess what? Tons of people love to make oven mitts. Who am I to judge!!
A very popular oven mitt pattern of late is Handsies for Pansies. I think it is the name! It's a great name!!
So just in time for Christmas, make your oven mitts. The foodie fabrics are FABULOUS for oven mitts!!

Handsies for Pansies - P193

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