Thursday, November 13, 2014

Epatterns are here!

The time has come! We have finally gotten around to writing epatterns. We are getting more requests all the time and always knew the day would come. So we are finally starting. Yeah! We wanted to start with tons of downloads but in reality, it is not that easy! So we are going ahead and posting the first one and then we will go from there.

My epattern format is a little different than our paper versions. With epatterns, we can add color graphics, which really enhances each illustration. On our paper versions, that is not really practical. It will take some time to convert a paper version into an epattern version but I think it will be worth it!

Our first pattern is an epattern only and does not have a paper version. It is called "Hide Your Stuff ..... in the closet"! It is a clever little caddy you can hang in your closet and hide stuff like cash or jewelry. When you hang the bag amidst your clothes in the closet, the bag is almost undetectable. It is great for traveling and hiding stuff in hotel rooms! Makes a sweet gift, especially for friends who travel a lot!! Very easy to make, and in my opinion, very well written!!!!

The pattern will be available for download on our website .

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