Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Rectangle Dresses!

I have a couple of patterns that are rectangle dresses -- P155 Seams Sew Cute was the first, then P169 - P172, Poppy's, Pepper's, Lily's, and Grace's Easy Dresses. And finally, P185 Rectangle Dress for Girls. Now granted, sizing is not my best attribute when it comes to designing, so I do not do dresses so much anymore. But I did make some dresses for my granddaughters for this coming Christmas. I made  the designs up as I went, not using any of my patterns -- they're pretty cute.
This is the finished dress but notice the construction process below.

I call it 'flat construction" -- just sewing rectangles together.
This is what it would look like from the back side.

A pink version - just fold the flat arrangement in half, with RST, and sew the side seams!

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