Friday, May 1, 2015

New Spring Patterns - Paper or Epattern!

We finally have our Spring 2015 patterns ready for the world to see!! Yeah! It's always a lot of work getting to this point and always a little nerve-racking -- always asking myself, " are they actually, finally, really  -- ready?. Took so long to get them done! 

So the first one to show is called, "The Really, Really Big Bag". It is really a huge bag, that holds everything from A to Z. I personally love it! When I have a lot of stuff, like a purse, a camera, a laptop, a coat, etc. -- I use this bag to collect everything in one spot and carrying it altogether. It really works great.........

A traditional paper pattern OR now available as an Epattern!
There are longer straps to carrying the bag on your shoulder OR shorter handles to carrying by hand.
There is a zipper pocket on the inside to carry things like your wallet that you might want more secure. And there is a scrunchy type band to help keep everything inside.  

Rather easy to make. You could make it in an evening. You could leave out the zipper pocket and it would go faster but the zipper pocket is awesome, so you wouldn't want to leave it out!! 

One of the reason they take so long to get written, I have online video overviews and/or tutorials that accompany the pattern. Lot more work on our part but much better for you.

And the Biggest News of all, it is available as a traditional paper pattern OR as an Epattern you can download from the website. Jacob is the site master and has a dozen Epatterns (I think a dozen so far) ready to go.

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