Wednesday, July 15, 2015

More information on copyright infringement!

Some have asked a few more questions about copyright infringement. 

Here's a few concepts:

Are you wondering what is available to use for free? 

-- Apply this rule: If someone (business, individual, quilt shop, etc) is trying to sell the product, then a free version has more than likely been pirated. It is usually pretty apparent what is the original and what is a copy. I never see copies that have very much 'quality' to them. Just enough to get you to 'take it'. So take a minute and google a pattern to see if there appears to be a established 'seller'. It is usually very obvious when someone is trying to sell a product legitimately.

Another question:

-- How do I know when I have committed copyright infringement? 

The internet has truly made this more complicated -- since there is so much of it. But just because everyone else is doing it, does not make it legal for you. Here's a brief quote from

 -- "Copyright infringement can occur even if someone does not copy a work exactly. This example of copyright infringement is most easily apparent in music and art. Copyright infringement occurs if the infringing work is "substantially similar" to the copyrighted work."

For example, one gal gave me the justification for copyright infringement. Her finished product looked identical to mine.She said she changed the name of the product (so as not to confuse it with mine) and didn't get the information from my actual pattern, instead a friend gave her the numbers to make it. Ohhhhhargh! --- no, that just does cut it! She violated copyright, plain and simple.

Thanks everybody for your support and compliance. I have had wonderful and loyal customers for many years  -- love you all!!

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