Friday, September 11, 2015

Fabric Stacks and Order!

I am always amazed at others' fabric stashes -- their straight stacks of fabric look so perfect - hard to believe people actually can live like that!! Right? So I am revealing my stacks -- not so perfect, definitely real! 

I have an armoire full of fabrics and Stuff! The stacks get pretty bad after awhile, so I go in and straighten things up a bit and it helps for awhile until I need to straighten them up again --- simply so I can function. The stacks are pretty tall so I have discovered a great tip to keep the very tall stacks from falling over  -- metal book ends!! Helps a bit!
But in the end, they still don't look that great! Just useable!!

I organize them by color mostly, sometimes by group or theme. I have greens, reds, pinks, blues, turquoises, blacks, whites, purples, yellows, and browns. Christmas, animal prints, kids, batiks, food fabrics, and different designer groups. Etc.

Just two shelves shown here! What a mess!

A bit better - but I still spend hours thumbing through the piles looking for a specific fabric.

Metal book ends to keep the stacks from falling over!

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