Thursday, December 3, 2015

Make a mother proud!

I am happy this morning as I see my daughter, Rachel, get in the top ten of the latest Spoonflower contest - 8th! She is working so hard at her art and is really doing great! It just makes a mom proud. AND, on top of that, she is due in six weeks! Wow! 
Rachel is soo talented. As an artist [limited] myself, I can tell she is leagues better than I. She is born with it. Seriously, her dad's side of the family has famous artists. And many of her cousins are amazing artists themselves. I truly appreciate seeing all this natural talent in the family.
But talent still takes work. And Rachel has been working her little heart out. This is just the beginning!

Thanks to all of you who continue to vote for her in Spoonflower contests and supporting her other work projects too. Her latest Coloring Book got a huge response. Thanks for that too! Next contest theme is 'gift bags' and Rachel's is titled "Foxy Gift Bag" by Spotted Pepper Designs.

'Family Dog House' by spottedpepperdesigns

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