Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sharing some random tips - my gift to you!

My Christmas Gift to All of You -- some random tips!

1. Erase some negative thoughts by giving your head a good shaking!
2. Eat eggs to block fat absorption.
3. Eat ginger before you work out to prevent postworkout soreness.
4. Freekeh. Fewer calories that rice with three times as much fiber, plus protein and antioxidants.
5. Own too many necklaces to get them all worn? -- wear several compatible necklaces together!
6. Eat yogurt to reduce belly fat storage, apples to fill you up on a few calories, lentils to boost your fat burning.
7. Smell peppermint for an instant energy booster.
8. Hold a plank pose for one minute -- it will do more for your belly than 30 sit-ups.
9. On a cold winter night, toss a cotton blank in a hot dryer for a few minutes to crawl in bed with!
10. Never give up what you want most for what you want now!

(Credits: Some tips come for SELF!)

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