Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Spring Quilt Market Review Begins!

We're home from Spring 2016 Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are going to share lots   -- but first, we must get our orders out! So maybe tomorrow, I will get the pics of Market posted. For now, here's our booth.

We had a good show! Lots of visitors to our booth -- lots of interest. Orders were average though! Shops need to know to order direct from us at Market and not the distributors. We love our distributors, but at the Show, we need shops to order direct to make it worth the reason we are there! Thanks to all the shops that did order from us at the show! Thank you, thank you!

And though we had lots of interest, I think attendance was half what it should be. Many vendors were pretty disappointed there wasn't more traffic. I don't quite know what Quilts, Inc should do but they need to get more traffic at their shows! 

For the shops point of view, I think they loved the show. Displays, booths, vendors, etc. went all out and gave a good offering. Lots of beautiful things to look at and buy. Congrats to all vendors  -- we did FABULOUS!

So here's our booth:

Vanilla House Designs, Booth 1232 at Quilt Market (Spring 2016) in Salt Lake City, Utah!
PS. Market Drawing Winners will be announced in a few days! Stay tuned!

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