Thursday, November 10, 2016

Learning to evolve in pattern design - sure is hard!

So there is no question that my industry catering to the independent quilt shop has changed drastically over the years. I can remember when I first started in 1994, I designed soft sculpture like crazy. In 2000, that stopped almost overnight. I re-invented myself and came up with other projects besides soft sculpture, like aprons and purses and knick knacks, oh my! That did great until the landscape changed once more. Time to re-invent aaagainnn -- though granted  ----  lots of room for evolution but not a lot of room to replace my sales in this type of market place because the dollars are spread out very thin over a much larger space. So I practice in all sorts of areas --- like online forums, social networking, etc. And surface pattern is now much easier to participate in. Don't know if I will ever publish and make any money from it but it is certainly fun to develop my skills. See the cute print below:

Barbara Brunson's Sweet Dreamin' Critters!

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