Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Update on P156 Pot Pinchers B and C Templates.

One thing I love about my business model is the capability of reprinting at a moment's notice -- what we call POD or print on demand. Truly lovely business model but it does have its downside. Though I gladly say I haven't had many days like today, we do have to admit, as a matter of integrity, we have erroneous pattern templates on the Pot Pinchers B and C template. It started last March 2020 when we moved our studio from Hillsboro, Oregon to our new home in the middle of a beautiful forest outside of Saint Helens, Oregon. I went about changing the address on hundreds of patterns. Somewhere in the middle of it all, I messed up the templates on Pot Pinchers, the Oven Mitt Front and peltex piece are 10% smaller than they should be. Won't go into the detail of how it happened - let's say it wasn't stupid, just dumb. 

So if your templates don't seem to be quite right according to the instructions, meaning they are not large enough to accomplish the convex nature the instructions are referring to, you are one of my 396 victims. [It will also have a 2009 copyright notice on the vertical right of the page]. You can do one of a few things, email me that you are inflicted with our error and we will send you the corrected page via email. Or enlarge page 6 by 10%. Or You can also eyeball the enlargement by increasing the width of the pieces by 5/8" and height by 1/2". Seems easy, it will be - the pattern piece is quite flexible on the size anyway, the only saving grace of it all. In fact, the erroneous piece actually still works, it just won't be convex as described.

And just for curious info, the day this happened was Friday the 13th of March. I wrote on my calendar that day, "The day everything really fell apart". At the time, I think I was talking about Covid shutting down our lives. Guess it meant more than that.

Sorry for the problem and please don't hesitate to email us at barbara@vanillahousedesigns.com

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