Thursday, May 12, 2022

 Hungry Bears and Bear Hugs . . . . 

                                             . . . . . gifts for the kitchen!

With summer coming, life in the woodlands is filled with activity. The deer are eating the new sprouts, squirrels are zipping around the tree trunks, birds are chirping their lungs out, and the bears are coming out of their hibernation. It only seemed fitting to celebrate critters this spring with our new kitchen collection --- matching bear apron with bear oven mitts.

The Hungry Bear apron features a bear-faced yoke on Vanilla House's signature Four Corners apron style. The instructions show the interesting technique of attaching the yoke to the apron. The bottom half the bear face is appliqued on to the apron panel and the top half the face is a turned edge by the back-side fabric.

The Bear Hugs also feature the same bear face on a double-hand or single hand oven mitt. Again, interesting techniques are taught through the instructions to learn how to edge turn the top of the bear face yet raw edges on the lower part of the face that are finished with bias binding. 

Both projects make excellent kitchen gifts for the bear lover. We hope you  enjoy making these sweet projects with the step by step instructions, each step illustrated in complete detail.

See for pattern ordering details. 

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