Thursday, July 17, 2014

[Bias] Tape Makers, etc......

There is a lot going on here -- let me explain . . . . . . .

I love putting trim on projects - always looks good. Bias trim that goes around edges that are curved, like my Pot Pinchers (P156), (takes more fabric since it is cut on the bias) and regular trim (not cut on the bias) can go on straight edges (uses a lot less fabric to make). Using tape makers, the trim can exactly coordinate with the fabric of your project (versus buying the closest possibility from ready-made trims). 
There are different sizes for different widths of trim. The pastels can attach the fusible Steam-a-seam as your press your trim. The basic colors like the red one doesn't! If you are going to buy a tape maker, go ahead and buy a pastel just in case you ever want to attach Steam-a-seam to your trim.

The tape is by The Warm Company and the tape makers by Clover. 

Pot Pinchers have coordinating bias trim around the edges. This trim uses the 50mm tape maker and is folded again after the pressing in the tape maker.
The trim on the top of the pockets is straight and does not need to be cut on the bias.

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