Thursday, September 4, 2014

Letter openers for Sewing???

Yes, I use letter openers for sewing projects. ? They are actually great for smoothing out the edges of projects that have been turned right side out (rso for those that have been around awhile). Things like soft sculpture, pillows, placemats, anything with corners, purses, on and on.........
Let's say you have made of fabric doll. You have sewn the body of the doll, turned the body right side out, then stick the letter opener inside and smooth out all the edges from the inside with the letter opener. And then it just seems like you start using the letter opener for everything!! I suppose anything that is flat, with a somewhat dull pointed end, will work fine.

The top letter opener was a souvenir from a Nauvoo, IL giftshop. The other two are from Dollar Tree. The bottom letter opener is my favorite.

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