Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Edge Foot and All It's Glory!

The edge foot happens to be a great accessory for any sewing machine. It has a couple of ways to use it to your advantage. 
First, obviously, as an edge foot. This is great for things like top stitching along the edge of project. See the blade that comes down from the center bottom of the foot. Align the blade with the edge of the fabric. Then align your needle the distance from the edge that you want. And sew - - the seam maintaining a perfect distance from the edge. This really adds the "perfection" status to your project.

Second, the edge foot is great for "stitch-in-the-ditch". The ditch is the seam or junction of two fabrics. Stitching in the ditch means putting a seam right in that junction. When you do this, it seemingly hides the seam -- a great technique when you Don't  want the 'top stitch' look. So align the blade in the ditch. Then sew. The blade guides the seam to stay in the ditch. It's magical!

The Edge Foot!

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