Thursday, March 30, 2017

Onset/offset Applique! Foxy Pocket Purse is a good example!

What in the world is onset/offset applique? I made up the term -- and if anyone has a better name, please! But I am loving this technique where part of the applique is stitched onto or into other fabric areas and the other part of the applique creates a finished edge. So Fish Fry from my previous post and shown again below has most of the 'fish head' sewn into the bias trim. And the 'fin edge' creates a finished edge. Foxy Pocket Purse has the nose of the fox sewn/appliqued onto the front purse panel, but the 'ears edge' creates the finished edge with the sides of the fox face sewn into the seams. All these appliques are lined or you might say 'has a finished reverse side', so it can create a pocket or opening. Each version has its own custom instruction because they are made in different ways. More of this technique to come!
Foxy Pocket Purse -- P223 or vhE223 for the epattern download.

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