Thursday, March 23, 2017

You are invited to a Fish Fry!

It's been while. Every time I am working on new patterns, I seem to take a leave of absence from posting. I just don't know how to perfect the patterns and do anything else that distracts me. But I will have some posts all together here for the next while, revealing the latest three releases. They are ready and no other pattern projects in the feed dogs!
So here's Fish Fry.....oven mitt! The wrap-around oven mitt is great for retrieving hot casserole dishes from the oven! There is thermal fleece on the side that touches the heat source and heavy-weight interfacing on the back-of-hand side. The back-of-hand side convexes a bit, making it real easy to slip the oven mitts on in a hurry!
Versions include the double-handed mitt and a single-hand mitt! One size fits all!

And as always in Vanilla House patterns, the instructions are very thorough, with an illustration per every step.
This pattern is available in your local independent craft store (soon), or you can buy direct from our website, either a paper pattern by post or download an epattern (vhE222).

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