Thursday, April 27, 2017

Modern Quilt Wall Art - it's about time!

I have been supplying patterns to quilt shops for 24 years now -- not quilt patterns but the 'other stuff' patterns that quilt shops sell to add variety to their inventory. I have tried a few quilts, the purist kind, and always thought I should leave that up to the real quilters!
But I have for a time now liked the modern art quilt projects and have felt quite tempted to engage in making some! I still don't want to engage in large quilts, but the wall art size is really tugging at my heart. I mean tugging for a few years now. So maybe it is about time to start my dabbles in modern quilt wall art. 
Here's my first project I started a few months ago -- I actually love how it turned out! I added some texture by adding some wool yarns and another trim along some of the seams, something you would not do on a traditional quilt. I also had to figure out a system for cutting strips with irregular edges that matched the edge of the next strip that it is being sewn onto. I will write up a tutorial on how that is to be done and post it soon.
Though this project is on the wall in my front entry, it does match a bed runner and covered bench in my bedroom.
Quilted Wall Art by Barbara Brunson

Matching Bed Runner.

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