Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Discovering Trends!

After being deep in the throws of designing, writing, and publishing in the last (and very lengthy) design cycle -- I really need to get a breath of 'fresh' again. So as I start a new design cycle, I like to look around at what is trending.  Today I found some interesting links to freshen things up. 
I first found a color trend setter at colormarketing.org. I really like their June color of Capim Santo. Got to use that color -- and yes, I think it very trendy! I joined their blog and it should be fun to follow along for awhile!
I also found another site on trends though not sure they apply to me but nevertheless, it is important to look at EVERYTHING when studying trends. The site is trendreports.com.
Go look around the site and find the video of the top 20 trends for 2017! These are big overall trends for planet earth! Also look for more specific product releases -- some are very interesting -- though I'm really not sure about the men's lace boxers #2 trending today's IDEAS!!
Learn how to look inside pictures - look for the colors they are using, the style, the fonts, the names, the themes, etc. Learn to pick up on every nuance in a photo to find a trend!

Update! Apparently, the men's lace boxers trend didn't last more than yesterday! Sorry I don't have a link for them after all.  I 

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  1. I love, love, this blog! Your talents are amazing. Love the befores and afters! You inspire me!