Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Check list for what's trending!

So I created a check list that will quickly get my lungs filled with inspiration energy!

So this week, complete most of the list, and I am sure will I feel much better about where I am heading in my next design cycle.

Go check out home decor companies like -
ie. Wayfair
ie. Pottery Barn
ie. Crate and Barrel
even Target.
Especially go to the Mall (look deep into the displays - at the colors, the themes, the mood!).
Don't forget to go to Hallmark 
And any stationery store!
Check out TV show - look into the backgrounds of the sets.
What colors are they using ?
What themes?
What motifs?
Material used?
What popular words are being used?
Look at:
Fashion mags,
the gift industry,
and even jewelry.
What are the characters in movies and why?
Where do people vacation?
What do they name their children?
Check out all magazines, especially targeted at your demographic!
What are people talking about?
Check out Etsy,
And Pinterest.
Look at trend websites like
ie. www.colormarketing.org
ie. trendreports.com
Ask yourself questions everywhere you go!
Remember, you are not looking for you want to see, but what everyone else is seeing!

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