Thursday, April 12, 2018

New Releases for Vanilla House designs - yeah!

I get so excited when it is New Pattern Release Time. All my samples, information forms, and image transfers have been sent to distributors. Makes me so excited/nervous when I put things out, I make a million mistakes getting the information sent -- like using the same bar code number for all five patterns on a new product form - yikes! Or put 290 in the subject line for 229. Double yikes. What's my problem! -- I have done this some 35 times over the years -- but every time, I get all weirded out. Just need to slow down and breathe! But I do get excited about it all.

So here's a peak at a model that United Notions will be displaying at Quilt Market next month.

The model turned out great. Janet from JM Quilting did the quilt work and her pattern looks perfect for this project. Everything will be on the website  -- hopefully later today.

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